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  • The biggest highlight of this car is that it will glow at the bottom of the night, making the driving process even more cool.
Item NO 15
Weight 8.8500 kg = 19.5109 lb = 312.1746 oz
Category Paean Board
Brand Paean Board
Creation time 2018-11-14



Completely Assembled Paean Board

Wireless Remote
Power Adaptor - US, AU, or EU plug according to your location

 Skateboard Tool


Ben Saida

After using it for half a month, I made a special evaluation. In short, the board is very good. The LED lights are very conspicuous at night. I have several friends who want to buy it. I hope that PAEAN can launch more good boards.


Viktor Vading

After seeing many brands, I finally chose PAEAN. After a period of time, I got it, very beautiful, my son liked it very much. If you want a brand new board, then PAEAN is a good one. select



After waiting for 10 days, the board finally arrived. I waited for a long time, but it proved to be worth it, because it was really good. I drove 10 miles on the road at 20 miles per hour, no problem, great. The product


Elijah Jensen

I have only had to board for a few weeks but so far very pleased. The board I received was all black (grip tape, wheels, and trucks). The board feels very smooth with the large wheels. I mostly ride the board in the medium setting, as the fast mode feels a little too fast for me, the breaks are very responsive and will bring you to a complete stop very quickly (I had to jump off a few times). The LED’s on the bottom of the board are very bright and easy to see even in the day. Lastly, the range on the board has been great and lasted around 12-15miles. If your looking for a great budget board, this is the board for you, I use this board for transportation in the city.
Service:Thank you for your love, we will try our best to do better.


Gianluca Bugari

i have paid 460 euro, they said in 10 days it will reach your city , and gave me a DPD tracking number.
It s been 3 weeks, I have emailed DPD and they said they didnt even recieve the parcel from the seller.
What do i have to do?
Service:Your order has been transshipped in Germany long before, so I am sorry to have waited for so long.


Elias Nichols

Update: Warning don't buy from this company I bought a bored December and a few weeks later I took it out in the (light) rain and when I got back I completely died, I've email the company which states that they will ship replacement parts till it starts working and I've sent the video they've requested and after that they've been silent and haven't responded in a week. Do not but this product it's not worth it they company isn't even bothered to get it working again >:(
Service:We will reissue the corresponding parts for you. We have not responded to you in time because we are spending our Chinese New Year holiday until we start working normally yesterday. I am sorry for the trouble you have caused. I hope I can get your understanding.


Elias Nichols

Hey follow up to my previous review I figured out the lights work by holding the reverse button (no manual that comes with this btw) and after using it for a few weeks it was a dream, but I decided to ride it out in the (light) rain and it was working fine untill I got home and now it's been completely unresponsive :/
Service:Although our skateboarding has been done as much as possible, it is not recommended to ride directly on rainy days. After all, it is an electronic product that cannot be completely waterproof. At the bottom of the LED light, after you turn on the skateboard, long press the left button of the remote control (used to control the front and rear switches), then it will be turned on. If there is a problem with your board, you can send us a short video of the problem you are experiencing. If it is caused by human consumption, we will send you the corresponding accessories, but you need to bear the freight. Thank you for choosing us.


Zach Bennett

the board is very nice very fast and slick but the lights only work when i turn it off. like it only blinks one time then turns off with the board


Elias Nichols

Hey love the board so far it was working great all day until tonight when I wanted to ride out but my lights weren't working I tried holding and tapping the power button and sometimes the light would flash on for a second then just go out :/ it was working fine when it arrived but 6hrs later it's not
Service:Can you take a short video of the problem you encountered?