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  • Paean (37) Electric Skateboard H2B has the main characteristics of a double belt motor. With a maximum speed of 25 miles per hour and a range of up to 15miles, this electronic skateboard is an ideal choice to commute in urban environments, enjoy adventure on the road, or in the community...
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Weight 8.5 kg = 18.7393 lb = 299.8287 oz
Category skateboard
Brand Paean Board
Creation time 2018-07-26

You can view an introduction to our products in the video below.



Orange is not the usual color, so it will take a long time, we will ship as soon as possible, we apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.

If you are  the 6th,12th,18th,and 24th(and so on)one who place an order and pay,during the event, then we will contact you and give you a refund. You only need to pay the shipping fee.Get a Paean board."

If you are a student, you don't have enough money to buy,but you really like our electric skateboard. It doesn't matter,as long as you introduce five friends to buy our electric skateboard within three months,we will give you a free Paean board for no fee. You just need to send us an email and explain who is your friend.

Attention:Due to the recent increase in order quantity, in order to help you timely delivery, you must leave your mobile phone number when placing the order.

You can buy two at the same time without paying for postage.

Cruising Range: 

12to 14miles (19-23km)

ALL skateboards  in this store  can accept LOGO customization

The Paean (37) Electric Skateboard H2B has the main characteristics of a Doublie Lelt Motor

Compared with ordinary motors, dual belt motors have higher stability and climbing capability, and are more durable. 
With a top speed of 28 MPH for up to 25 miles, this e-skateboard is a perfect choice for commuting in urban environments, enjoying adventures on the road, or in neighborhoods. At 13 pounds with a curved design, it is a great shape and size for riders of all ages.

The Paean special remote controller is easier to match than the ordinary remote controller on the market.

3 Riding Modes:
Beginner (for new e-skaters) 10 MPH/15KMH
Expert (for experienced riders) 13 MPH/20KMH
Pro (for experienced riders in urban terrain) 25 MPH/40KMH with a faster take-off

Paean Electric Skateboard Batteries:

All Paean (37)) skateboard H2B uses  10s2p 36V 4.4Ah standard battery.

  It can be fully charged in three hours and recycled for 500 hours.

Paean ESC (Electronic Speed Controller):
Paean uses the most popular ESC in the electric skateboard industry, the #1 option by the industry’s top brands.
Our ESC is proven to be the most reliable ESC with more than 300,000 pieces sold. The design has been continuously improved in the last 3 years.
 The ESC deactivates acceleration when the battery in remote is critically low. This prevents potential accidents when the remote runs out of power and shuts off mid-ride.
 Smart turn-on, the board turns on automatically when pushed. *Fan Favorite Feature*
 Lock function can completely stop/park on a slope, allowing riders to start on a slope.
 When remote is disconnected, Paean Board will glide. This is safer than automatic braking.  
 Remote show riding modes are clear, allowing a rider to press the power button to wake up remote and see the current riding mode from LED battery indicator light.
 Throttle wheel features a tiny cube on the roll, so you know the wheel’s position.
 Change riding modes on the go, without the need to stop the board.
 Compact size is out of the way.

Note: Paean board is waterproof. But for the sake of safety. You must wear a helmet when you ride an electric skateboard. No matter when you leave the skateboard, you have to close the remote control. 

Temperature: Paean Boards performance good in -5 to 42 Celsius degree.  Store at room temperature

Image result for FCC certificationImage result for UN38.3  certification


 Completely Assembled Swift Board
 Wireless Remote
 Power Adaptor - US, AU, or EU plug according to your location
 Skateboard Tool

Two Longboard belt



I'm not raiting this 1 star because it's bad I just wanna ask if it ships to the uk


Josh Ewalt

BEWARE: One problem after another with this company. The materials they make their boards out of are very cheap and break a lot. I have had the board 4 months and had to replace 2 BIG SYNCHRONOUS WHEELS , the BATTERY and now the BACK TRUCK BROKE. Luckily i wasn't going very fast and it just slid to a stop and i didn't get hurt. If you want a cheap board that will ride for a few months then go for it but I would recommend going with Boosted, Evolve or building your own.


Brad F

Board did arrived after a long wait. ECU arrived damaged. It has components crushed inside by wireless being on top of them. Had one wheel not moving and battery display level not working.

I got told I need to pay for a new ECU even though it’s faulty on arrival. Don’t buy it, it’s not worth the risk


Rommel Rampersad

DONT GET IT WET. My board died, started to drizzle on way home, looks like water got to ESC, will have to re-build my own setup with better batteries. If it begins to rain pick up board take shelter, was fun while it lasted i got maybe 1 month use if my board.
Service:I am sorry that your board is damaged, although we have tried our best to do it best, but after all, this is an electronic product, it is impossible to completely waterproof. I'm really sorry



Please let me know when the board I ordered on Dec 11 will ship. I have received no communication since payment. Please tell me when it will be shipped and post my review so I can see the shipment date.
Service:What is your order number? Please send it to me, I will check it for you.


Unhappy In Phoenix

I have ordered a board on Dec 11 to be shipped to Phoenix Arizona. I have received no further shipping info. Is this legit? when is the board arriving.
Service:Your board has been sent, the tracking number is FEDEX: 784504982613, the reason for the lack of timely delivery is that one of our parts has been out of stock, so the delivery time is delayed, I am sorry to keep you waiting, we will work hard Better! Try to avoid this problem again


Rommel Rampersad

Board is good, lacks in range i have original H2B, got my board as it was discontinued and new MAX version was put in its place with better battery power, one of the customer service said they would send out a battery but highly doubt they will. Besides all that its an ok commuter if your only going 4 miles on level #2 also depending on your wieght i get 3.70 miles i weigh 215lbs my girl wieghts 125lbs and can reach 7.54 miles on it. It is fast flew off it a couple times speed wobble, ill look into changing bushings but lots of voltage sag on hills, push starting it is a must get rolling to save power. Its a bit cheaper than building your own board but if you need more range youll have to go with more expensive brand or build your own.


Luis Gonzalez

Got this board today took it for a 1 mile ride after charging the board and the controller everything worked well but when I got home and turned off the controller the board would not to turn off. I turned on the controller after and it looked like it was connected bit the wheels would not spin. Will change my review once problem is solved


Luis Gonzalez

I just got my board in today and I charged it and took it for a ride everything was working fine but when I got to my destination I turned off the controller and tried to turn off the board but it would not turn off so I just left it on and when i was ready to go back I turned on the controller and It looked like it was communicating with the board but the wheels would not turn. I ended up walking the board home to make sure i didnt damage the board. I will make a video on YouTube showing my problem as I saw someone else had the same issue in a previous comment


Jinte Hoekstra

Is it possible to pay with euro's instead of Dollars?


Caleb Prince

Today is October 19th
took 17 days to arrive. I just received the board I was super excited to go for I ride I topped off the board and the controller on their chargers then set off for a spin around the neighborhood before work. I was met with a problem near the end of the ride where only one motor was working and when I got home and took a closer look and turned off the controller and then switched it back on in case it was connection issues with the charger, after turning the controller back on it would pair but will not do anything I’ve referenced to instructions manual to make sure I wasn’t doing anything wrong and had the same results the controller and board were paired but no movement. Frustrating I tried turning the board off to see if that would help and now the board will not even turn off after forking more that 400 dollars with shipping this is a huge disappointment especially after waiting 17 days to receive the board, at this point I just want my money back.
Service:Your problem now is that you can't start normally, do you?



Board arrived in about 2 weeks to Canada in perfect condition and as described. This board is extremely fun to ride and is pretty fast! The only complaint i have so far is that breaks and acceleration are a bit touchy. Good board, definitely recommend for the price!


Caleb Prince

Ordered it on October 2nd, still have not received the board nor been given any updates about when the board will arrive or any information in regards to receiving the board.

Will adjust review when or if I receive the board.
Service:Your board has been sent out on October 13. It will take about five days. I'm sorry to keep you waiting. Since October 1 is our National Day in China, the express delivery company is unable to deliver the goods on leave. Please forgive me for the inconvenience.



Just following up on the review I posted saying customer service has been awesome! Great company.



Board arrived on time and is basically a well priced, custom colour diyeboard. Great performance vs price, nice deck, remote is laggy however (common with diyeboard dual belt esc). Only issue I have is battery is advertised as 24v 8.8ah (which would be a 6s4p) but reality it ships with a 36v 4ah 10s2p battery that has limited range and big voltage sag....
Service:Sorry, this is the error of our product introduction information. We have changed it. At present, H2B is using 10S2P battery. The battery described in the product information has been eliminated. Sorry for the inconvenience.



I am looking forward to buying a board.I am questionable about the belts how often do you have to replace them, and where do you buy the belts because I can’t see them on the website.
Service:Thank you for your message, you can place an order on our website. Belt to picture we will be on the shelves in a week, our website will be perfect soon



Yesterday arrived, and used a night to evaluate, the board is really good, looks very high, tested the idle speed can reach almost 45 kilometers, the actual cruising range is about 23 kilometers. Overall it's good, as cool as you think.



It took a few days to comment. It has been three or four days since I went to work. I used to be very technically bad. I dare not go on the road. I dared to drive on the road these two days. This board is too convenient, the weight is very light, as long as the speed is not too fast, the ride is good, one hand can be lifted up, easy to use, just like PAEAN



J'adore! Sa fait 1 semaine que je l'ai et j'ai aucune plainte a faire:)
Nickel et il est rapide en plus, parfait et durable!!



The power on a flat road is completely adequate. In addition to the steep slopes of the underground parking lot, the gentle slopes encountered on normal roads will also rise. Flexible and lightweight, it is often placed in the trunk, does not occupy the place, and is quickly charged.

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