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  • The H2B (37) Max was replaced with a better battery on the original H2B (37). It has a longer battery life than the original and is expected to last 20 kilometers.
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Weight 9.4000 kg = 20.7235 lb = 331.5752 oz
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Creation time 2018-10-30



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Completely Assembled Paean Board

Wireless Remote
Power Adaptor - US, AU, or EU plug according to your location

 Skateboard Tool

Two Longboard belt



Bought almost 2 weeks ago and still no tracking number/details on shipping
Service:It was not until yesterday that we ended our long vacation. Today we have started production urgently and will send your order as soon as possible. It is really sorry for you to wait so long.


M Vdh

It took a while before it got here, but I’m using the board now for 2 weeks. Great product. Top speed is 23 mph. Thought is was a bit faster. The only thing that’s a pitty is I only get like 7-8 miles out of 1 full battery, this in mode2. But overall, great job!!
Service:Battery life is related to road conditions and usage patterns. If your road conditions are poor, it will consume more power, and it will consume more power than usual when going uphill.


Natthaphon Tangthaveewattanakul

after been using this board for over a month, i would say that it is one of the best electric skateboard out there. This board is extremely fast other than the brake is a bit too sensitive. I had some problem with the slow shipping which i kinda understand but i will most likely buy another one for my friend soon.
You did an amazing job on this one.
Service:Thank you very much for your product, I hope that everything is fine, Our transportation is sometimes delayed because some accessories are not arriving, causing delays in delivery. I am very sorry, we are trying to solve this problem.


Oscar Anderson

Dear Paean, I would like to start of by saying thank you very much for the board. The board is INSANELY FAST! I was able to get up to 27 miles per hour in the high mode and still feel comfortable at such a high speed. I got to 20 mph in the middle mode and around 12 mph in the low mode. The board does extremely well up hill with no problem thanks to the duel belt drive motor. I’m not quite sure how far I went but I drained the battery twice in one day because it is so much fun. Again thank you so much for the longboard and I am excited to see how your company grows.
Service:Thank you for your support, we will work hard to do better, I hope you pay attention to safety in high-speed mode, wear protective gear. I wish you a happy life


Fisher Spearman

I was wandering where it is getting shipped from and how long it takes to get to Wilmington nc
Service:We sent it from China and it takes about 7-10 days to reach Wilmingon.


Doug Shinstrom

I'm curious how the board does in semi wet areas? I've done wet leafs areas. But I want to know how it would do if I ran it on wet areas?
Service:The performance is not as good as the dry ground, the brakes will be somewhat out of order. If you want to ride on the wet ground, please wear a helmet and other protective gear.


Luis solorio

When i got my board i used it for a few minutes, then my board failed, i contacted the admin he said it was a faulty battery and they would send one right away, it was supposed to arive last week and i have messaged them to get a tracking number but have not got a response back, they need to have better costumer service
Service:Your new battery has been sent out on November 29th. Your tracking number is FEDEX; 784069327032. I hope you like our new battery.


Eduardo Locatelli

Good Morning. I received my skateboard here yesterday in Las Vegas - NV. after 10 days. Very well done skateboard. great durability. I really liked it . very fast . I can not stay at full speed.. so fasttt
Service:Thank you very much for your support, we will work hard to do better, try not to use the high speed mode before you are proficient, it is very unsafe


Fay-yaaz Ahmed

So firstly i'd like to thank all the people at Paean for assisting me the past few weeks in getting this board to South Africa, shipping the batteries separately and finding a courier willing to ship to SA can't have been easy. While there were a few things forgotten they've promised to rectify it when they send the new Max batteries to the old clients, so i'm not too bothered.

I was one of the people that got a free board but i'm still waiting for my refund sadly, hopefully they sort out their paypal issues soon.

Now onto business. The H2B is a great board, it really is. I can't wait for the new Max batteries to arrive since it'll improve my range and thus i'll enjoy it for even longer without the occasional voltage sag. There is slight lag when braking but nothing dangerous, it just isn't as responsive as the acceleration, plenty to stop in time if a car pulls out in front of you (trust me, it happened on my first ride). Oh and that top speed, I've managed 38 km/h and i feel like there's more to come, i was just a bit scared since it was my first ride and i didn't have a helmet.

Overall i can't be happier, Wenjie gave me great service and communicated with me consistently. I might be buying a few more for friends if the Max batteries perform like they say.

Thanks guys, look forward to buying from you again.



Is there something wrong with the website it won't let me place my order
Service:Have you successfully placed your order?
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