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  • The H2B (37) Max was replaced with a better battery on the original H2B (37). It has a longer battery life than the original and is expected to last 20 kilometers.
Item NO. 80
Weight 9.4 kg = 20.7235 lb = 331.5752 oz
Category Paean Board
Creation Time 2018-10-30

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Completely Assembled Paean Board

Wireless Remote
Power Adaptor - US, AU, or EU plug according to your location

 Skateboard Tool

Two Longboard belt



Hello I've had the board for a few months now. I really enjoy riding it, the biggest adjustment was getting used to the braking. One issue is my battery seems to die without warning and without reaching the full range. It usually shows having a full bar of power before dying and needing to be fully charged. It seems to have the same issue that Dustin Dunhill on his YouTube review has. Does anyone have any suggestions to fix this?
Service:Maybe there is something wrong with the battery life. Please test your skateboard and take a video and send it to our mailbox. We will detect the fault for you.



Is there any discount codes?
Service:Yes, please enter PAEAN20, you will get a discount of 20 dollars i



Lets be honest here, the board is decent to some extent. pretty sure it doesn't go as fast as they claim but that's alright. What I want to address is the fact that it doesn't have the range it claims at all. I had a 6.2 mile journey to get home and most of it was a down hill ride to be honest. So me thinking it can go 12ish miles just thought yeah this will be a bless ride ... It went 4 miles if that.. Ran out of power and I had to carry it for the last two miles until I hit another down hill part and I could just stand on it and push.
Service:Our H2B Max can't run only 4 miles, and the speed of 40 kilometers per hour is completely no problem, but because everyone's weight is different from the driving conditions, it will definitely affect some speeds, but it is impossible to travel only 4 kilometers. Unless there is a malfunction, please send the evaluation results to our email address, I will solve this problem for you.



How long is the estimated shipping time to California? Where is it shipping from? Really interested in buying one, customer service will seal the deal
Service:The time to ship to California is about 7 days. We ship from the warehouse in Hong Kong.



I had my board of a good while and now that I left it siting for 2 weeks I fully charged it and got ready for a spin turned on the remote then the board but there was no action the board did not move one single bit but the breaks work what’s wrong with my board??!?
Service:Please take a short video and send it to my email, I will check the problem for you and fix it



Everything is good except the customer service and the quality of the components in the board. I feel like everyone waits a long time for their product and doesn’t get a response when the contact customer service. Sometimes the board will just stop working or make a weird noise. Hopefully they can improve these aspects.
Service:As the customer service staff has to reply many emails every day, some of them may be carelessly neglected. You can send another email to remind them



Do you have this board in black?
Service:Yes, we are mainly black and blue now



Good afternoon Paean I want to start off by saying this board is insanely great for it's price, let me tell you the torque in your boards is the best sensation I've used various electric skateboards but no exaggeration this board is one of my favorite boards, the board is just amazing. All I ask is for you to please make an app that would help use know how fast and distance and maybe control your board with your phone would be super super duper helpful and amazing.
Service:I will explain your suggestion to my superiors, but is it a little dangerous to control the skateboard by mobile phone?



I really like this board but sometimes in 3rd and 4th gear it turns off on me and Ill have to push it back to my car or wherever my charger is which can suck sometimes, once I plug it in it turns on and works fine until I’m back in 3rd n it dies, I was wondering if there’s anything I can do about this? I just got the board a little over a month ago

Service:Can you send a short video of your problem to my email address? I will reply your information faster and solve your problem, or you can add my Skype account: paeanboard, we can communicate more directly



For anybody worried about the legitimacy of this website like I was at first, I can assure you guys that you’ll get your packages, it just takes a little longer than normal about 2 weeks for me. I really like this board the quality and speed for the money is well worth it!
Service:Thank you very much for your evaluation. We are trying to solve the problems we have encountered and will try our best to do better. If you have any suggestions, please say



Do you guys sell the off road tires separately. I want to install them to this skateboard.
Service:Separately sellable



UPSET!!!! I have had my board for 3 days and the controller now wont stay on i press the on button and it immediately shuts off. It wont let me pair it or anything just shuts off i only charged it for 1hour. I have the mode 3 controller WHAT CAN I DO PLEASE!!! The manual says nothing about this. I WILL SEND VIDEO OF CONTROLLER DOING THIS!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!
Service:Please take a short video of the problem you encountered and send it to my email address, I will handle it for you as soon as possible.



I am stationed in korea, how long should it take for my board to get here? Because I ordered mine on April 23rd and I still have t gotten an email or even a tracking number for fedex
Service:You can check it on our website, due to network fluctuations a few days ago. I am very sorry for the delay in updating the information.



Now me and my mom have bought a board on her phone, shouldnt matter. We are worried about the legitimacy of this website and this company. Please send feedback soon to reassure our doubts please, we did recieve a recipt code but no email as promised. We are currently worried that the board hasn't and or wont ship. I live in the states and am currious how long it will take before getting to MN? Please contact back ASAP we are very concerned..
Service:Your order has been shipped, you can check the update information on our website. Sometimes the update of the website may be delayed, sorry



It is such an awesome board and I love riding it but my rear truck broke a while ago and you all send me a new one like two weeks ago and it’s already failing apart! I honestly don’t know what to do now because it feels like it can break at any moment. I wish the trucks were a little better quality. Everything about the board it amazing, the only thing that kills it for me is the quality of the trucks



dose this ship to the uk?



Im new to all of this, so how would you pair the 3 mode controller and does the board come with a manual or users guide?
Service:You can pay attention to our instagram, there are teaching videos, usually set up well at the factory, you don't have to worry about this problem.



Is there a warranty for this board? If so i would like to know the details because im thinking about buying one in the near future.
Service:Our warranty period is 90 days, and you will be sent for free for 90 days as long as it is not a human fault.



I am having the same problem as others where I have to gotten any additional tracking information and it's been about two weeks. What's going on?
Service:Website updates are sometimes delayed, I am sorry



How long to ship to sweden?
Service:10-12 days

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