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  • US$ 439.00


    Jordan west

    Can you change the Wheel Color without having to buy a new rotor built in it like you can on the belt drives?
    Service: Yes, you can change the color of the tires yourself, just replace the PU wheel.
  • US$ 419.00


    Juan Morales

    I had my board of a good while and now that I left it siting for 2 weeks I fully charged it and got ready for a spin turned on the remote then the board but there was no action the board did not move one single bit but the breaks work what’s wrong with my board??!?
    Service: Please take a short video and send it to my email, I will check the problem for you and fix it
  • US$ 439.00



    I finally got the board in and wow its fast and smooth. It's worth every penny. Only feedback for new riders is to make sure you tighten the bolts to your liking because you'll need to be comfortable when you are at the limits of the board.
    Service: Thank you for loving and enjoying it.
  • US$ 439.00


    Darmeekius Oooabooga

    how do i fix the power button on my board? I cant connect my new controller because the power button isn't working.
    Service: Can't you connect to the new ESC? Normally, you are purchasing our ESC components, you can install them directly to match the remote control, you can use them. How to match the new ESC and remote control, you can follow our Instagram and have teaching video
  • US$ 419.00


    Eli Simonsen

    Everything is good except the customer service and the quality of the components in the board. I feel like everyone waits a long time for their product and doesn’t get a response when the contact customer service. Sometimes the board will just stop working or make a weird noise. Hopefully they can improve these aspects.
    Service: As the customer service staff has to reply many emails every day, some of them may be carelessly neglected. You can send another email to remind them
  • US$ 419.00



    Do you have this board in black?
    Service: Yes, we are mainly black and blue now
  • US$ 699.00


    Gabriel Colombo

    It has been 4 weeks sense my purchase and it still hasn’t shipped. I believe this is my 3rd message I’ve sent and I haven’t got any response. Will someone respond to me.!
    Service: Have you checked our website? In general. Now they are all delivered within two days, sometimes because of the slow delivery in remote areas.
  • US$ 439.00


    James Manzo

    about how long will it take to arrive in florida
    Service: The delivery time is about 7 days
  • US$ 18.00


    Ryan S

    My order number is 201906121137302. Can you tell me the FEDEX tracking number?
    Service: Electricity DHL:9374869903503921293811
    You can check it directly in your order
  • US$ 699.00



    I ordered my board two weeks ago and I still haven’t gotten it. When I go to my order it doesn’t give me the full tracking number and when I call FedEx and they don’t have any shipment under my name or address.
    Service: Our transportation is a special freight line. Logistics information cannot be found before customs clearance in the country where we are located. Please understand
  • US$ 419.00


    Juan M.

    Good afternoon Paean I want to start off by saying this board is insanely great for it's price, let me tell you the torque in your boards is the best sensation I've used various electric skateboards but no exaggeration this board is one of my favorite boards, the board is just amazing. All I ask is for you to please make an app that would help use know how fast and distance and maybe control your board with your phone would be super super duper helpful and amazing.
    Service: I will explain your suggestion to my superiors, but is it a little dangerous to control the skateboard by mobile phone?
  • US$ 699.00



    Do you ship to Montenegro? And can you e-mail me how will the model look like, here is my mail adress
    Service: I really feel sorry, we can’t ship to Montenegro now, only temporarily support the US mainland and most of the EU.
  • US$ 25.00


    Everardo Ruiz

    Where would I be able to go to buy the all terrain wheels (off-road wheels)? If anyone would be kind enough to point me into the right direction either buying them trough here or Amazon. I appreciate it.
    Service: Sorry, our off-road tires are not sold separately for the time being.
  • US$ 699.00



    I plan to place my order next week. How should I decide whether I want 3 more or 4 more remote? Will one hour faster or be better for expert level riders?
    Service: The match between the three-mode remote control and the board of directors will be simpler. You can use the four modes more easily. We are preparing to eliminate the three-mode remote control.
  • US$ 419.00



    I really like this board but sometimes in 3rd and 4th gear it turns off on me and Ill have to push it back to my car or wherever my charger is which can suck sometimes, once I plug it in it turns on and works fine until I’m back in 3rd n it dies, I was wondering if there’s anything I can do about this? I just got the board a little over a month ago Thanks
    Service: Can you send a short video of your problem to my email address? I will reply your information faster and solve your problem, or you can add my Skype account: paeanboard, we can communicate more directly
  • US$ 419.00


    Matt Negus

    For anybody worried about the legitimacy of this website like I was at first, I can assure you guys that you’ll get your packages, it just takes a little longer than normal about 2 weeks for me. I really like this board the quality and speed for the money is well worth it!
    Service: Thank you very much for your evaluation. We are trying to solve the problems we have encountered and will try our best to do better. If you have any suggestions, please say
  • US$ 699.00



    There are two shipping options. What's the difference? I really want to order one but want to know which shipping to choose.
    Service: There is a $79 transportation method that represents a remote area or an island area, such as Hawaii.
    If it is the United States, you can choose the transportation method of 59 dollars directly.
  • US$ 699.00


    Troy T

    There are two shipping options. One costs $20 more. Is that option faster?
    Service: All need freight, usually around 7-10
  • US$ 699.00


    Troy t

    What is the difference in shipping times when shipping to the US? How much more quickly will it arrive if I pay the extra shipping? Is there a true express shipping available if I’m willing to pay for it?
    Service: It’s about 7 days to ship to the United States.
  • US$ 439.00


    Ryan Smith

    How long will it take to ship to Los Angeles?
    Service: Normally 5-7 days
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